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Why should the moms have all the fun?

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

I was in my last trimester when Neha Dhupia was trolled for her postpartum weight gain. As I cut myself off from the digital world, I have just gone through the news on firstcry page. Looking at her, I murmured,” Girl, you really look like a new mother. So proud of you😍. " And since then I decided to write about my postpartum experience too. After all, only a mother can understand the beauty of being a mom. I don’t think the society is open enough to let us know the “challenges of pregnancy, delivery and the postpartum experience” of a woman and so being ignorant, we often comment on mothers for different “reasons.” Motherhood comes with so many physical,mental and emotional challenges that sometimes you'll feel like, "I'm done, that's enough,I can't do it anymore." Postpartum, you can't even sit properly(I'm talking about normal delivery as I don't know about c section ) because it's painful(of course the painkillers will help you) but at the same time you have to sit for hours(day and night) for breastfeeding. And if you are having breastfeeding issues then that's an another story. There will be pain in the neck, shoulder, arms,spine, lower back,and of course the lower part of your body( the whole body is in pain,you don't have to count separately 😆) And if you think that breastfeeding is very easy job, just imagine about having hard, swollen and painful breasts. So, if you're thinking that the mother can take a nap when the baby is asleep (not an easy job again), my dear, you have to express the milk to save yourself. Sleep or rest at this stage is just a fantasy leading to being rude to your partner(horrible). Hormones will trigger the situation by welcoming the mother into the world of depression also. These are just two common issues that we have to go through. Not peeing, not eating on time etc are just the bonus points. Every mother has her own stories to share with. I m sure those who are involved in postpartum body shaming have never experienced what it feels like being a mother. And why don't we talk about this? Because it's about woman only? Just like the monthly periods, pregnancy is also another topic that we don't want to talk openly. (Laaz loga Kotha, in Assamese😄) Share your stories, mothers. Every young boy and girl should know the "challenges" that come with pregnancy. Let everyone know the "fun" we are having. I request all the fathers to be in the labour room, to be with the mother to welcome the little bundle of joy. It will help to realise and respect the beauty of a woman.

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