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How I changed myself from eating pork to yogic diet.

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Well, I love to term myself as "food lover." A few years ago,I was in deep love with non-vegetarian items. I love trying new dishes_ especially the traditional dishes of different communities. In Northeast, we are crazy about non-vegetarian delicacies and my favourite dish was pork :P(yes,you got it right) with bambooshoot,king chilli or the traditional naga pork dish.We,friends,used to visit many restaurants famous for pork like Bhootjolokia,Nagakitchen etc when I was in Guwahati,Assam.All these love affairs with pork,chicken,duck meat etc came to an end when I first met my husband who is a vegetarian( :o oh God,please,what a boring life he has! hee hee hee) It is said that love brings about changes in our lives and so I suddenly but willingly decided that I will try to be a vegetarian.And guess what, my mom was the happiest person with my decision. You know, to enjoy a meal you need a partner and that's the main reason behind it. :) Then comes the turning point of my life_ Yoga. After joining the yoga classes,I came to know about Ahara(food),Vihara(recreation),Acara(routines,self discipline) and Vicara(thinking pattern and behaviour towards the outer world).Mainly the importance of Ahara bowled me over.I realized that it's not enough just to post a Facebook status like "I love myself" but we should really love and take good care of our own body. Gradually,I have started to enjoy the music and the rhythm of my own body and then my mind.Eventhough I was a food lover, I never paid importance to maintain a proper routine of my diet.Most of the time I would skip my meals just to finish the task at hand. But now, yoga teaches me how to maintain a healthy body. It teaches me about the three qualites of food_Sattvic(easily digestible),Rajasic(heavy to digest)and Tamasic(unnatural and stale).In an article of "yoga and total health", Smt. Naaznin Hussain mentioned that food is Brahman,the ancients equated food as God. Now, I have become more conscious about what I eat and when I eat and most importantly, now I enjoy and appreciate food in its true sense.When I started to follow a routine, I observed that it helps me in gaining weight and it brings about tremendous joy and happiness within me. So,it's a big change in my life and I want to continue with this attitude,with this respect towards my body and diet.Now slowly but surely I'm trying to quit fish,garlic,onion all those Rajasik food.

Dear freinds,if you start following a proper diet routine with the proper attitude, you will experience the difference.Oh you can do it,I know. :) We all are with you ;) Yuhu...gear up friends.Let's do it together.


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