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10 things that I have learned from my 16 months old baby

Child psychology was one of my papers during my college and university life.

But going through the theories and having real life experience are totally different as in reality we are not dealing with a piece of imagination, yes, we are dealing with an individual with "intelligence" that's much higher than us and still we try to impose our little knowledge upon them.

My 16 months of learning experience with Dakshi is awesome. I wrote a few points a number of times and still I'm not tired of writing it again and again. Because, it's something that everyone should know and realise, doesn't matter who you are.

1) Babies learn by themselves so don't try to teach them each and everything,in a word spoon feeding. Don't impose,just answer to their queries and there you go, you will see your baby exploring so many things and ideas that you've never imagined. (So poor we are! You'll realize it soon) Do this ,do that, say this,say that blah blah blah...Oh grow up,man! You are irritating the baby.

2) Talk , discuss. They think, relate, do logical reasoning,cross verify and what not! So, talk to them respecting their individual difference and individuality.

3) The more you show anger, they will show more "irritating behaviour" to you. So, channelizing your anger is the best way to build a healthy relationship. Being angry will cost you everything.( It's hard, I know, I am trying my best too. )

4) Babies can feel your aura without a word or touch. They are great at reading your emotions even though you try to hide it.

5) For you,it may look funny but for the baby it's damn serious. So, understand when to laugh and how to react. Being cute is not their fault and don't make a situation where the baby feels like it's a "fault."

6) Both the parents should have a clear picture of the baby.

7) Fear is an inborn emotion and we all have it. Don't try to create unhealthy and unnecessary fear of anything. Examples: eat this or tiger will come(scary way) . Bullshit. Why don't you eat with those kind of fear?

8) Know your baby's likes and dislikes, interests and proceed accordingly. Let them lead you.

9) Books are always a great support system while handling the baby. It's really helping me a lot especially during COVID situation. I just wonder how beautifully the babies can imagine different stories and characters.

10) How you talk/narrate/play with the baby is also important. Your voice modulation, choice of words, your presentation etc are having a deep impact on them. So, be careful. For example, while showing a lion, using " ouuu that's lion, so big and scary" "should" be replaced with " ouuu that's lion, hello lion ,how are you,lion. Isn't it lovely?"

( I used "should" because everything is beautiful and lovely and everything should be presented in that way rather than creating unnecessary fear. ) I do have some childhood experiences of folk tales where the cruelty of the characters led to fear in my mind. So, I don't think we have enough "healthy" stories and I don't want to repeat those to my baby.

Dealing with a baby is the toughest job when you are an adult.

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