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The technology of self love(1)

I write more in Assamese these days because recently I have realized that it's our people that need more self analysis than the others and language is something that helps us to be comfortable with the thoughts. Spreading the beauty of yoga is always my hidden intention whenever I write anything on my wall. (I sincerely thank all of you for loving me in the journey of self discovery)

"Self love" was introduced to me by yoga back in 2016 when I was all lost in the chaos of life. Yes, life is never a bed of roses. You have to go through the thrones to reach the flower of your life. My experience from "lost and confused " to "myself" (and I'm still struggling ) has taught me a number of things... both positive and negative.

The first thing that you need in the journey of self love is ACCEPTANCE.( I talked about it in my 2minutes talk during my institute days. )

Accepting the situation and yourself is the very first thing that you need to stand up and fight back. Things are never in our hands, never. But we often try to force ourselves to believe that everything is according to "me". (You will be more clear about this when you start the journey)

Accepting the ways of life and yourself(the way you are) will open up a whole new world. This new world will make you understand the beauty of being YOU and the process of healing will start.

Much love and best wishes. Let yourself bloom.

Will write about the next step HEALING shortly.

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