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The maths of bullying

Throughout my life, I have been "bullied" (oops is that too harsh? Ok then,can I use tagged? Whatever,who cares!) as "skinny/too skinny" I don't care whether you say it for once to me, 15 persons saying "You are too skinny, don't you eat?" is 15 times bullying,as simple as that. It may be 1 time for you, for me it's 15, you know the maths, right?

Wait, that's not the end of the story. "Your breast is too small."(oops is that offensive, too private or unnecessary thing to discuss?" "Seriously? He is getting married to that skinny one? No boobs, I'm telling you. " "She is fine, but too skinny, won't satisfy you."

Regular comments for a skinny girl, yeah, we don't care anymore.

I love my body, I love my body parts and I am happy with whatever God has gifted me. If you have any issue with my body, I would suggest you to go and join some yoga classes(so that you realize about yourself),because no doctor can treat you and your mentality.

Uneducated mind is the biggest problem in the world. They work wonder, in fact. They can do anything but understand nothing. Isn't it amazing?

Good luck.

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