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Ten tips to overcome  depression and suicidal thoughts.

Most of the time, depression leads to suicide. Yoga and other exercises help a person to overcome negativity, but what if you have no idea about Yoga? Hold on, my tips are there to help you out.

The tips are from my own experience with depression. After being depressed for almost four years, I stood up for myself with the help of my willpower. Hope it will help all those who have started "overthinking"( overthinking is another triggering factor of suicidal thoughts) So, let's start. 1)Get a haircut. BE UNCOMFORTABLE. Yes, you heard it right. If you are comfortable with your hairstyle, get up and be uncomfortable. 2) Come out of your comfort zone. That's not your life. Try a new job, new location if possible. 3) change your cupboard. Wear what you always wanted to wear. Log kya kahenge, who cares? 4) Darr k aage jit hei...yes, do what you fear the most. Be it anything, just do. 5) Select a date and fix your mind with this mantra," From 1st of November, I will be a new person "(example) 6) Go out and make some new friends 7) Seek help, you are not alone. Cry your heart out in front of a friend, parents, siblings or anybody. 8) Whenever a single negative thought comes to your mind, repeat consciously, "positivity, positivity, positivity." You can also dance or sing loudly. You can add your own lines too. 9) Learn something new, something means "anything." Don't care about what people would say. Just go ahead. 10) Start a hobby. Clicking nature is very soothing, helpful and it's therapeutic. Try clicking birds,insects,flowers etc. Don't forget,it's a game of your mind. Don't let your monkey mind control you. You have the power to change everything in your life. Just change your attitude, life is beautiful. Be strong, be healthy.

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