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Share a smile to a stranger today and be beautiful

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

By nature, I am in love with my beautiful smile since birth😉. I love the way my dimple kisses me when I smile. But I have never thought of "sharing a smile with stranger." I mean what people will think!!! "Is she mad, smiling at me???" My idea has been changed completely when I started visiting The Yoga Institute. "Everybody was smiling at me and I had to smile back" Oh my God, such a wonderful experience when all the strangers gifted me a no of smiles. It really made my day, I smiled a lot. I felt so happy that my smile became so natural. It was the first one month in the institute and I was used to it, "smile to all, even the strangers." After one month, I visited my hometown Assam as my mother-in-law was hospitalised. I spent most of the time in the hospital. First time in my life I was missing smiley faces. Because in Mumbai, luckily I met some of the best doctors in the best hospitals and I swear they all were so nice with sweet smiles that I felt so homely with them.But in Assam, I was looking for some smiles in vain.People are so sad and serious, some of the nurses were so uptight that even my mother-in-law got disappointed.😂😂 So I decided not to wait for others and started sharing smile with them.As a habit, I was wearing smile, sharing smile to all. And gradually, the atmosphere was changed, nurses also started to smile and they loved to visit us to have a chit chat. I was so happy when I visited again for check up, seeing the smiles on their faces. At least, they smiled at me.

That feeling when you inspire others just to smile is so blissful. And it makes the whole world happy and peaceful. I presented my practice teaching yesterday and the best and first comment from my Guru was," I love the way you were smiling during the whole practice session." I felt so blessed and happy to hear that😊😊😉.

So friends, please start sharing a smile to your near and dear ones and don't leave the strangers behind, maybe who knows, you may change their lives. Start with one smile, and thousand and thousand smiles will kiss you😘.

A smile will change your life, be happy and gift a smile today😍😍 yuhuuuu🤣

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