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My Life And FREEDOM 

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

"Iske man mei darr hei," The doctor said directly pointing towards me. I was shocked, "Am I so weak, really ? "

It was just a minor case for which I visited doctor and the doctor was saying all these unnecessary things to me...!!! Is he mad?Raised by the best parents, and accompanied by a carefree sibling, I enjoyed freedom to its fullest throughout my whole life. During college and university life, I took my own decisions... I never botherd about informing each and every thing of my life to parents or my brother. That was me flying high with the feathers of FREEDOM. I remember, one of my friends once asked me when I was doing my PhD coursework,"Why do you fear to take the rickshaw alone?" My answer was "for safety purposes." All these things began to play with me after meeting the doctor. I realised,Fear had become a part of my life .My husband used to wake me up every night,even in the day light also as I was screaming in my scary dreams.I realised, I had so many fears throughout my life. After marriage, unnecessary Fear of "what others will think" was the smallest but the most dangerous one. I don't how and when it developed. It was all self created fears,nothing else. After so many months of joining yoga, I don't know how , but slowly "no more nightmares" now. Now,I don't fear to face the fear. 😉Few days ago, suddenly I realised FREE FROM FEAR IS FREEDOM. And I was so happy. I took 30years to realise this small happiness!! I am so ignorant, have so many things to know about myself !! So poor I am, still I am so happy Because at least I am realising myself slowly but surely.

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