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How to plan your yoga asana routine? (For beginners)

It's quite normal for a beginner to get confused as to make out a plan for Asana practice. You want to start "yoga" and check so many videos on YouTube ending up with nothing(or may be more confused!).

Relax, my dear. Breathe in and breathe out... I'm right here to help you out. Ta daaa...

So,let's chalk out a simple routine to start practising yoga asanas and pranayams.

1)The first and foremost thing is "conditioning" that each and everybody(beginner or pro) should do before starting the asana session. In simple words, it's just spending some time with yourself, watching your breath(which is deep and sloooowww). Closing eyes is optional because sometimes some people are not comfortable with closed eyes, it needs practice. So, sit or stand as per your comfort level and just try to relax yourself. Repeat "R...E...L...A...X" or "I...Am... Positive" (anything that you want) to yourself . First, we inhale(deep and long) and while exhaling, we say " relax" in our heart💕. We can also remember the Supreme, the Universal power or our Gurus to bless us for this auspicious session, the turning point of our life.

2)OK, now let's proceed and select a few Asanas. So, the pattern can be like this...

A) Standing asanas

B) Sitting asanas

C) Lying down or supine asanas

D) Shavasana

E) Then you can proceed to Pranayamas

This is just a sample pattern and therefore feel free to readjust according to your body. But after doing asanas, we need to cool down our body and mind. So it's highly recommended to do Shavasana before proceeding to Pranayamas.

3) We can start with a few stretchings and joint rotations (from head to toe) to warm up and get ready for asanas. So, we don't start suddenly, we always go slowly , step by step. Let the body understand and smile with you. All good till now?

4) Jot down a few standing Asanas like Talasana, konasana, vakrasana, utkatasana etc. If you can do only one asana from the list, it's completely fine and yes, you are doing great. Cheer up.

5) Next is sitting down postures like sukhasana, padmasana/ardha padmasana, vajrasana , parvatasana.You can add forward bending asanas also(gradually or may be from the first day).Just remember "slow and steady."

6) Now, you can lie down slowly from the side and start doing lying down postures. You can select the "on back " poses like

yastikasana, pavanmuktasana, hastapadangusthasana, or simply you can raise the leg(one by one or both), move it to the sides, up and down. Add a few "on stomach" poses like bhhujangasana, shalabhasana, makarasana as per your comfort level.

7) Now the best part is here...Yuhuhuuu... Shavasana that we always crave to do. Here also you can lie down at your comfort level. Main focus is to relax in a conscious way. Let the body watch you relaxing and you will feel yourself if you do it with the right attitude of letting go.

8) With practice you can add forward bending, backward bending, inversion(sarvangasana ) Asanas. But please don't be in a hurry to master the asanas, you'll hurt yourself.Respecting your body is an important factor in yoga.

9) After shavasana , now we are ready for a session of Pranayamas.

10) We can chant "Aum" or any other mantra or any positive line before concluding our yoga asana session. Smile and hug yourself , YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.💕


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