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How to be positive?


Why I always keep shouting to write if you want to be positive or fight against stress/anxiety or depression(any kind of negativity, basically)

"How can you be so positive?"

"How can you be so bindas?"

These are a few questions that I often come across.

No,I am as negative as a human being. Yes, I am. I do have negativity, over thinking, stress, anxiety, bit of short term depression,anger.... Because I am a normal girl with all the emotions and instincts registered by the psychologists.

Then, how?

Practising a few things:

1) Constantly pushing myself to be positive

2) Saying "STOP" to myself whenever I want to go deeper inside the black hole of over thinking.

3) Ignoring a few negative things

4) Regular Self study and rectification

5) Surrounding myself with positive people.


7) Enjoying whatever I do

Well, today it's about Writing...

I started writing when I was in class two(may be) I had no nursery experience like most of you back in those days. I used to write stories,poems and by class 7 I was a regular writer in the most popular magazine during that period. It continued till board exam and then I said "bye bye" to two of my favourite things sports and writing.

It's only after marriage that I,with the constant advice of my husband, started writing. A few lines, a small paragraph...It started like a snail. Then I developed a keen interest in writing (trying to write, actually) micro tales,two liners and quotes. I decided to improve my English too. So, in December 2017, I started the new journey of writing. It's been three years that I am writing my experiences, micro tales,quotes and all.

I feel sad, I write.

I feel happy,I write.

I feel angry,I write.

And that's the answer to "how can you be so positive?"

I decided to make my profile in such a way that it radiates positive vibes. So, it becomes a habit for me to write something good in bad mood too. Isn't it amazing? And after writing, it fills my heart with satisfaction and happiness.

Once you start practising writing ,it will come to you automatically. If you decide/practice to write positive things, only positive thoughts will be expressed by your pen(or fingers!).

Points to remember:

1)Your task is to write,not to judge.

2) Don't be an open book, they say.But suppressing your feelings and emotions will cost you more. So be smart while writing.

3) Let the world think whatever they want. Sometimes I write about my husband and I add some "masalas" too(poor guy has no idea about all these as he doesn't check my profile that much, LOL). I write because I love the concept of that particular incident. Sometimes I make up things and write a story and most of the readers assume that the characters are "husband and I or my life story ." I don't clarify,I enjoy the way people throw you assumptions. What's the point of "enjoy writing" if each and every time you keep thinking about how people will assume and react.

My mantra is write and let it go. Say "bye bye" to that particular article,let it enjoy too.

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