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I am doing an online course on suicide. It's been two days that I m not getting time to complete a single module." Is it too depressive or negative to study(or having interest) about mental health(mainly depression) and suicide?" I questioned myself while going through the course.

And I got the answer today.

No, not at all.

I am proud of myself for being one of those depression survivors.Struggling with depression for about 4 years and then standing up against "the depressed me" changed my whole world. But again I took a few years to open up on social media and after that I felt that's the most beautiful thing that I ever did towards myself.

The first thing that a depressed person can think of is obviously suicide (from my experience). The short term and the long term depression are totally different and yes it may vary person to person. A short term depressed person can never imagine the world of a long term depressed person, forget about the "normal positive people." It's easy to say "be positive", "we are with you" but the problem is you don't know /feel/understand a depressed person. Because you have never experienced how it feels like(long term). The victim may never feel the connection with you (though you try your best to help him/her).

I am very happy that I've started the online "positivity challenge" with the goal of helping my friends. It's a kind of experiment for me but I feel the positivity has already started to bloom inside those beautiful souls.

A word for the depressed ones?

Open up


Use social media

Use whatever you can


You have a reputation?

Don't care.

You have a good family status?

Don't care.

Just don't care about anything and let others know loud and clear.

(that's what I wrote on depression in Assamese a few days back)


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