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COVID-19 and life

Life would never be the same again.

When I look back now, I can clearly understand that nothing happens all of a sudden. Joining yoga was the greatest turning point in my life and m so happy to repeat that again and again. I'm not a "dhuwa tuloxir paat." I have my demons, I fight for my inner peace everyday and may be that's the greatest lesson I've learnt from yoga. You need to fight back each and every moment to safeguard yourself. We talked about "letting go" , "non collection of things", "physical and mental hygiene","faith", "empathy" and so many related concepts that now have become so meaningful. The beauty of such concepts is that you become more realistic ,more spiritual and enjoy life the way you are.

Some of us were crying for some new dresses, jewellery, shoes, nail polish, motorbikes,cars, or may be a bigger house, a smart phone, or even for a boy/girlfriend . I'm sure,now, we have realized the importance of "material world" and these locked down days have taught us to "let go" our so called desires. You may have realized that you have too much of sarees, utensils, furniture that are not helping but increasing your workload to clean them up and providing space to members of the family. What a mess!

You still have time to rethink about yourself. Collecting and craving for eye catchy lollipops or simple smile of happiness? Which one will you choose after this critical phase of life?

Yes, life would never be the same again, it shouldn't be. I hope so. 🙏

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