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"And nobody told me about these..."

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Pregnancy has taught me one thing that we need to educate ourselves about each and every aspect of the whole process of motherhood . We(it includes the boys also, as they will be the fathers) need to discuss "pregnancy" with open mind and everybody should help each other in understanding the related issues. I was crying in the middle of the night, craving to eat "something" (of which I had no idea) but unable to eat anything because of nausea. I cried at the dinner table without any reason . Some days, I was just like "angry bird." I fainted in the middle of a shop letting others distressed. My head was spinning continuously for 5 days and I had no option. And... the list is too long to write down. I did a pregnancy camp while doing the yoga course, I do have a guidebook on pregnancy and yoga(I love it) but I ended up like " everybody told me to enjoy but nobody told me about these." 😰😰 Yes, I did know a few aspects of pregnancy but when it happened, I was totally blank. 😭🤣🤣In Assamese I can term it as "yoga dhuwachangot thoi dilu/uthil" hee3. I m fortunate enough to get the opportunity of attending prenatal classes, doing exercises and all. I wish every "pregnant parents" could get the chance of attending all these. Go for it if you can.

P.S.: Family matters a lot. All the members of the family must try to understand pregnancy and take good care of the pregnant lady ( especially the emotional support and understanding)

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