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5 Tips to kick-start your yoga practice for beginners(lazy ones)

1) Get a plan, a formal one. Yes, paper and pencil plan is the best way to start your exercises.

2) Write down the asanas you are going to practice. Make some changes as you start practising.

3) Look for a few inspiring quotes and paste it on the wall .

4) Post it on your social media accounts just before starting your routine(For example, "will be starting yoga practices from tomorrow/ today onwards." can be a simple yet very powerful FB status.) It will help you to stick to your plan.

5) Don't wait. No yoga mat, no 'proper' dress? Who cares! You can always find out a way. Get a sari, wrap it around and start practising. Who needs yoga pants?😁

While selecting the asanas, check out the basics first and then gradually proceed to the advanced poses. Before starting your daily yoga practice, prepare yourself (body and mind) by simply spending some time quietly, taking deep gentle breaths, observing yourself. It will calm down your monkey mind which is so important for yoga practice. You can also chant mantras and when I say mantra, it doesn't always need to be Gayatri mantra or something like that. You can repeat "I am happy" or "I love myself" etc. In a word, anything positive you want.

Good luck, mates.

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